Monday, 19 October 2015

 Happy families - from left to right: Anastina, baby Shina and Aikins. Aikins is our manager on the project.
 Our day trip on Saturday to Boti Falls. No, that's not Daniel Craig, that's me, Martin 007 Lodziak
 The team at Boti Falls: me, Liz, Patrick, Hermione, Scott and Joel
 The road leading to Abenta. Great view. Very sweaty to walk it!
 Playing vollyball with the locals. The net is made out of string and used plastic water bottles
 Walking to Adawso, the nearest town, accompanied by some of our school kids. Not sure what their gestures represent!
Spot the Obroni (white person)! Shopping in Adawso market - which we do every Tuesday and Friday

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