Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Photos to go with last week's blog

Here are the missing photos :)

This is our gorgeous resort in Elmina.
Me doing a bit of horse riding :) beautiful setting!
Excellent photography by my hubby :) Runs in the family.
Stunning sunset at Coconut Grove
London Bridge...a very underwhelming sight in Cape Coast.
Cape Coast castle
Elmina castle
Swimming in the sea was a great laugh. The current was soooooooo strong.
Our fellow volunteers joined us for the weekend.
Crocodile pond at the resort.
Refugee camp in Cape Coast - the Ivorians telling us their stories.
The beautiful meal we shared there.
The view from Elmina castle - that bridge is how you get between the shared taxis and you are bombarded, like no other place, by sellers.
The tree house we stayed in - Kakum National Park.
Canopy walk - up to 40 metres in the air. We were swinging more than I expected. Martin faced his fears :)
Me putting my hand in a bee hive...they are stingless :)

Me da se for reading :)

Liz (and Martin)

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